Monday Musings: 5 Stages of Content Marketing Development

5 stages of content marketing:

  • Focus
  • Aim
  • Create
  • Convert
  • Enhance

Focus is the first stage in becoming an accomplished content marketer. It means you’ve determined what your specific business niche is going to be, your goals for using content marketing to promote your business, and how you’ll differentiate your business from the rest of the world.

Aim is the stage in which you get inside the mind of your target audience. Who are they? What jobs do they have? What are their challenges, their concerns? How will you craft messages that will appeal to them?

Create is the stage in which you execute your Focus and Aim strategies with tactics that include your website, blog, social media, video, ebooks and other content.

Convert is the point at which you use proactive tactics to transform people who’ve expressed an interest in your content into buyers of your company’s solution(s).

Enhance is the stage where you move from your initial content efforts to managed, measured campaigns.

Source: Business2Community

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