Monday Mentor: Vishal Khare, Citrix Systems India

Vishal Khare, Head – Enterprise & Govt. Sales, Citrix Systems India Pvt Ltd

Vishal 4When you meet Vishal for the first time, you think he is a very serious person. But hidden behind that baby-faced, curly-haired, serious-looking individual is a person with amazing sense of humour, huge amounts of patience, immense ability to change and learn & a person with a balance between strategy and execution.

Here he shares some of his thoughts about being a leader.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your current role and what are your responsibilities in the current role?

I am a person who has travelled & spent time in many locations in and outside country and I truly believe that has shaped my thought process and outlook towards situations, people, work and life. Since my childhood, I have been with some amazing people and most of them remain in touch even now and have helped me to be what I am today. Out of them, biggest influences undoubtedly are my father and my wife. I am keen observer of people’s traits and behaviours.

I currently run the Enterprise and Govt. business for Citrix in India and also like to spend some of my free time with young entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need guidance and help in any form.

How did you get here? Tell us a little bit about your past history that led up to this role.

My journey in IT started with PoweTel Boca where I joined as a new bee and got trained about basic fundamentals of IT. I had few mazing seniors here who supported me during my initial days and remain a guide even today in some or other form.

Second phase started with PowerTel Boca’s acquisition by Citrix in Year 2000 and since then I have remained with Citrix. Started again at entry level in Citrix but went on to take many roles and responsibilities in direct customer management, people management, channel sales, channel management, channel/marketing programs etc and ran the whole cycle in 3 phased dynamic environment which helped me to reach where I am today.

The journey of life is a series of events and activities, some of which make a lasting impression on us – we remember them and try to imbibe those characteristics. Across your journey, what the three key things that you have learnt and imbibed.

Most of my learnings have come from influencers or through observing people, few of the core ones are:

  • Most of all which happens to us, good or bad, are situations and we should learn to deal with them well and not get over joyous in success and over disappointed in failures.
  • Your true character shines in tough situations.
  • You take care of employees and they will take care of your customers.
  • Always be energetic, inquisitive, have right attitude and be humble in your dealings.

What do you think is the role of a manager or leader in today’s world? What makes a good manager or leader?

Leaders role is create and manage a robust execution framework under which team members can deliver and express freely to best of their potential.

If I flip the above question around now, when you are hiring for your team or your organisation, what are some of the key traits that you look for, irrespective of the role for which you are hiring? What traits should today’s young professionals have?

  • Smart attitude
  • Stability of thoughts
  • Energy & passion

Life is a series of ups and downs. Can you share with us some of your biggest UP and DOWN moments and what did you learn from them?

Passing away of my younger brother was a life changing moment. It was a tough situation for my family and we found inspiration to deal with that by fulfilling every small demands from his side which we knew of.

Biggest joy has been birth of 4 lovely kids in my family including our own, brother’s and my wife’s sister and brother’s side.

How important do you think is the function of Marketing to your organisation’s success? As a leader, what do you look towards marketing to deliver?

Marketing is one of the most important function and it can have a far lasting impact on the success of any organization. Marketing’s aim should be to connect with one’s potential customers and create the image/right perception and awareness. Face of marketing is evolving very fast in the age of social media and start ups and any seasoned marketing organization can on top of the game by mastering these channels.

On a lighter note, what are you passionate about? How do you de-stress?

Few of the things I am passionate about –

  • Family and friends
  • Work
  • Cars & Watches
  • Cricket & fitness in general

And on a parting note, what advice would you give to our readers?

Nothing is in control, you have to just put your best foot forward and rest will happen as it was meant to be.

Let’s do a quick rapid fire round.

  • Your favourite holiday destination?
    • Goa, London.
  • Your favourite food?
    • Chinese
  • Your comfort movie and/or book?
    • Movies
  • Your most prized possession?
    • My Omega Watch
  • The most adventurous thing you have done?
    • A two hour stay with a grown up tiger in someone’s home. It was kind of domesticated tiger but in the end tiger is a tiger!
  • A word or a phrase that defines your core life philosophy?
    • Be passionate about whatever you do, intent shines through.

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