Wednesday Whit: Digital Marketing Funnel

You may have heard that the traditional marketing funnel is dead. It’s true that what used to be a linear path from attracting leads and converting them into customers is now a multi-faceted process than can start and stop in

Wednesday Whit: Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goals using the internet. The term ‘strategy’ might seem intimidating, but building an effective digital strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are the 10

Friday Fun Fact: WFH

Sometimes working from home is fun. The best thing about working from home is the lack of distractions- the worst thing? – it is all the new distractions:) Happy weekend!

Wednesday Whit: How To Be A Successful Blogger

Thinking that you’d like to start a blog?  Then this post is for you! We are going to show you some really important things you need to know to become a successful blogger. If you follow these tips you’ll hopefully

Monday Musings: 3 powerful ways to use Instagram Hashtags

Are your Instagram efforts failing to produce the results you need? Today We want to share three powerful ways to use Instagram hashtags in your social marketing campaigns to drive leads, sales and increased brand awareness. Let’s dive right in. 1. Build

Monday Musings: Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram has become the favorite social network of many — and not just for teens or Millennials. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 32% of online adults use Instagram — up 5% from the previous year. Compare that,