While a solid Marketing Strategy is still built on the foundations of vision, segmentation, targeting, positioning and the 7Ps – Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process & Physical Evidence – the tactical execution of marketing is filled with jargons and terminology.

On a regular basis you are bombarded by terms like SEO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, Drip marketing, Marketing automation, online ads, banners, PPC, Keywords, Video marketing, Physical events, Virtual events and many more.

But do you really need to do all of this or is there a simpler way of doing marketing based on the lifecycle stage of your organisation? Help is at hand!

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Kanso Consulting is a MaaS (Marketing-as-a-Service) organisation offering strategic and tactical marketing support for your organisation as you focus on building your product and scaling your business.

We believe in making the customer successful and freeing up your bandwidth. A few areas of support that Kanso Consulting can offer you are.


Kaushal Veluri


Yuvaraj M​

Monday Musings: Email Subject line - Which makes them click?

No matter what they say, people do judge emails by their subject lines. Out of the billions of emails that are sent every day. how can you make sure that yours stands out? We are sharing the tips to write a perfect subject line for emails as below. 1. Always write a subject line. Not including a subject line  is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The subject line often determines whether an...

Friday Fun Fact: What's your Friday dance?

We all have a special Friday dance as we look forward to the weekend. At Kanso, ours looks something like this! What’s your Friday dance? Have a happy Friday and an amazing weekend!  

Wednesday Whit: Social Media Checklist to Grow your Business

This infographic shows the checklist for the social media profiles which is mandatory for every online business. Download and start using today!  You must execute these essential steps for Social Media success.

Kanso Philosophy

The Japanese aesthetic is a set of ancient ideals that include wabi (transient and stark beauty), sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging), and yūgen (profound grace and subtlety). These ideals, and others, underpin much of Japanese cultural and aesthetic norms on what is considered tasteful or beautiful. Wabi and sabi refers to a mindful approach to everyday life. In Zen philosophy there are seven aesthetic principles for achieving Wabi-Sabi.


Each of these things are found in nature but can suggest virtues of human character and appropriateness of behaviour. This, in turn suggests that virtue and civility can be instilled through an appreciation of, and practice in, the arts.

Kanso (簡素) Simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner. Reminds us to think not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission or exclusion of the non-essential.